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I am certified through Dog*Biz, THE place to go if you want to become a highly trained professional dog walker.

I have mastered how to:

  • read canine body language

  • manage a group of dogs

  • transport dogs safely

  • and incorporate basic training and obedience in every adventure.



Additionally, I am certified in Pet First Aid and CPR and fully insured.






This is Who I Am....
This is why you choose Laura's Trailpals...

You would do anything for your dog. Let me help!

  • Whatever your dog’s activity needs, I can meet them.

  • I provide socializing and exercising with friends.

  • I keep your dog fit and healthy, you make your vet proud.

  • I keep my groups small - no more than five dogs.

  • I alleviate the guilt of leaving your dog home alone.

When you hire Laura’s Trailpals, you are hiring a company that is highly attentive to you and your dog’s needs. During every potty break, sniff break, and water break, I check your dog over for ticks, foxtails, cuts, or anything else that looks out of the ordinary. I give you an adventure report every time I take your dog out. I report on behavior, anything I found on the pit stop once-overs. I even give a poo report!

Running, walking, socializing, and fun for your dog…

peace of mind for you.

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